Ashka is a character in Spellbinder who is portrayed by Heather Mitchell.


Ashka is one of the most calculating, ambitious and ruthless Spellbinder.


As Ashka befriends Paul, she sees an opportunity to gain more power for herself and the Spellbinders. Using technology from Paul's modern world, she wants Paul's father to build a new and improved Power Suit. But Paul soon realises that Ashka can not be trusted.

Her new Power Suit would eventually be built by Brian in Sydney, Australia. Not only could it shoot powerful electronic blasts, but it also allowed its wearer to overcome gravity and fly. And it also does away with one of the biggest weaknesses of the earlier Power Suits: The new model was now water proof.

When Ashka first revealed her new and improved Power Suit, she was still in possession of the flight control unit (FCU), which is vital for the flight capabilities of the Power Suit. However, Riana and Paul know about the FCU and its importance to the Power Suit. Using a magnet, they manage to short out the FCU and ended Ashka's flight.

But without her friend and apprentice Gryvon she couldn't get from Sydney back to Spellbinderland easily, because opening doorway turned out to be a challenge for Ashka.

Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord

After Ashka's defeat in Sydney is she with Gryvon in a prison, but immediately take their first opportunity and flees without Gryvon, to the Land of the Dragon Lord, with one of the Power Suits. In this world they could immediately flatters the Dragon Lord, and quickly found the source of power of the people served, the Oracle, but sabotaged it quickly, while that Sun is initialising its death, and with the help of the Oracle they can be easily stopped. Moreover, Ashka form and gems to a jeweller in Australia sell. Finally destroyed Ashka Oracle by the mask out tears, and thus the sun crystal includes the Oracle power provided. Will result in a different world flee, but Kathy and Mek under control, then with the form and jewellery flee. Ashka allied themselves with the Barbarians and Sharak, and there before, warrior, the border guards with the help of Power Suit to have defeated. Back in the Land of the Dragon Lord try Mek, Josh and Aya the Oracle to repair, while Ashka offered, Aya's place at the wedding time, and thus Sharak. So long to deceive, so Aya uses the Oracle, to defeat Sharak. Ashka may therefore Dragon Lord impunity. However, she blind have to chose a world, and arrives in a world without people, only with wild animals. But to beg her to leave Sun her Power Suit.


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