The Interface is a device in the Land of the Dragon Lord.
Hochzeit durch die Maske

The mask itself also owns the ability to show things.


The interface is a component of the prime oracle in the palace.

Without the interface the complete oracle network breaks down, as well as it has happened in episode 10, as Ashka tears out the interface, and flees with the 'software'. Up to episode 26 the interface undertakes a long trip:

Ashka flees to the school of Mek, and persuades master Ling to hand to her the trans-dimensional boat, indeed, Kathy and Mek take the interface in himself and land by mistake in the world of the immortals because Ashka with a flash had destroyed the control of the boat. In this world and the world of the moloch the interface remains unnoticed.


The prime oracle with the interface.

Back in the Land of the Dragon Lord the both are arrested by the barbarians, and Ashka flees with the interface in Kathys world, however, lands in the world of the other Morgans. By a prank of two boys Kathy and Josh Ashka can follow, and find out that she has already sold some of the jewels, and now tries to sell the interface to Bane, however, she is cheated, and she receives no money and the interface is also away. With Kathy and Josh she tries to find Bane, and they accept the help of the other Morgans. Several times the interface goes by all kinds of hands, however, finally, they get to return with the interface to the Land of the Dragon Lord and to release Aya, because exclusively her face fits in the interface. With the prime oracle Mek tries to insert the interface again when he has also created it, nevertheless, hope dwindles again fast, because the oracle does not answer. Then, nevertheless, there is a sign of itself, and the sun crystal opens, and supplies the oracle again with strength.

State and Function

Maske in Aktion

The interface, while it is activated.

The mask itself insists of jade how Kathy in episode 4 ascertains, the jade is surrounded by gold. In the front four golden scorpion fishes stand out from the gold. The external frame exists of stone, and in this stone wreath periodical holes are trained. To groups is the mask with the cables which rise from the prime oracle. To repair the prime oracle again Mek has put the cables in the holes intended for it in the stone wreath of the mask. The mask and the prime oracle is activated, while Sun or later Aya fits their faces in the jade, so that the light which goes out from a crystal on which mask hits and knows the oracle about that this is the acting regent.