Kathy Morgan is a character in Spellbinder 2 who is portrayed by Lauren Hewett.


During a camping holiday with her family, Kathy meets Mek and his trans-dimensional boat. She she is taken to the world of the Dragon Lord which begins an extraordinary adventure for her. Kathy travels to the world of the Immortals and encounters another version of her world. Kathy is impulsive, brave and has a pretty fiery demeanour.


The Trans-Dimensional Bamboo Boat


The Dragon Lord


Marooned in a World of Monsters

Attack of the Thirty-Metre Warrior

Josh, the Water Spirit

Sun Becomes a Star

Designation Day

The Oracle is Dead

The Only Child in the World

Girl for Sale

To Live Forever

Barbarians at the Gate

The Best-Laid Plans...

Graveyard of Machines

The Hunter and the Haunting

Stop the Moloch!

Escape from the Palace

Kathy Meets... Herself

The Doublecross

On the Trail

The Two Joshes

Who's Who?

The Disappearing Act

A Wedding Surprise