The Power Suit is a device used in Spellbinder.

Correon's Power Suit


The power suit is the ultimate personal weapon known in The Land of the Spellbinders. Each spellbinder may carry one exclusively. Power suits are used mainly for defensive purposes, chiefly against rioters and Marauders. Most Spellbinders use the suit for good purposes, with the exception of Ashka, who uses it mostly in order to manipulate and intimidate people.

The power suit is part of a larger collection of technological marvels that were once available to the Spellbinders. Although a number of functioning power suits exist, the knowledge to build new ones or make advanced repair to existing ones is considered lost to time.

Functions and Attributes

  • The power suit operates as a series of interconnected high-voltage ladder amplifiers and multi-vibrators, forming a resonating circuit. The voltage generated this way is high enough to produce effects similar to lightning, but the amperage seems to be low enough to incapacitate - but not kill, a person.
  • The primary method of activating the suit is to strike the wrist guards against each other - this activates the suit's output and is required for both combat and flight.
  • One can produce a flash similar to lightning simply by striking the wrist guards against each other - this forms a stable bolt of electricity in the wearer's hand. The ability to throw these lightning bolts (and deflect them using the associated shield) is one of the basic battle abilities of a Spellbinder.
  • The sole power sources for the suit are the power stones, which are essentially electromagnetically charged, stable stone-like capacitors of great density. They are inserted into special slots on the suit, and connected to it by many non-redundant connections.
  • Power stone energy is transmitted to the suit over a multitude of connections which, when powered, are dangerous to the touch - high voltage develops on them, and as such they have the potential to harm. Especially dangerous are the wrist elements, which also serve as primary connectors for piloting a flying ship.
  • Operating a flying ship can be done only with an active connection to the power suit, which closes the electrical circuit and provides unknown benefits. Without a power suit constantly connected, the ship will lose power and fall (although there is a demonstrated inertia - a "grace period" - before this happens). The power suit does not power the ship - it exists as part of the circuit that allows the ship to receive power from the outside towers. It is speculated that the suit, being visibly more advanced in technology, performs a regulatory function to the ship - stabilizing power flow and enabling controlled flight. An unpowered suit (one with drained power stones or without stones at all) will not allow the use of a flying ship.
  • The power suit is not waterproof, and as such can be quickly shorted out by pouring water over it. The suit itself will be undamaged by the water, but the power stones will short out and lose their charge, requiring recharging before they can be used again. (This limitation does not apply to the Prototype KX4 Power Suit, as that one is waterproof)
  • The suit seems limitless in its power capacity, being able to drain the power stones instantly without any visible damage to the suit. In extreme cases, the power stones may be outright destroyed in the process.
  • When activated, the suit produces enough electromagnetic interference to damage and outright destroy nearby equipment - even hardware not ordinarily sensitive or very susceptible to electromagnetic fields (by our standards), like power lines. The KX4 prototype exhibits the same tendency, although to a much lesser extent.