The power stone is an item in Spellbinder.

An orange powerstone.


The power stone is an extremely powerful stone-like device, which the Spellbinders use as the primary source for their technology, most notably power suits and flying ships.

The small version is intended for the power suits and is roughly the size of a gold bar, while the big variation is for powering larger equipment, like the flying ships. The size of the stone seems to fit its intended purpose.

Nothing is known about the construction and makeup of power stones, but they exhibit qualities of a very high-density capacitor and not chemical batteries: they can store vast amounts of energy, unlike batteries they can deliver this energy almost immediately, and unlike batteries they lose charge immediately when shorted out.

One particular trait they seem to share with conventional chemical batteries, however, is the need to recharge them slowly - in fact, the time needed to recharge a power stone is many hundreds of times longer than it takes to drain one. Due to this limitation, large charging stations exist in order to charge power stones in bulk and regardless of size. However, size seems to matter greatly in this regard, seeing as flying ship's power stone seems to take a decent charge fairly quickly.

Functions and Attributes:

  • The powerstones are charged in the Center of Power in Spellbinder castle, where a strong electromagnetic field is seemingly applied to the stones.
  • Power stones are susceptible to being short-circuited (for example by dousing them in water). It is always adviseable to carry spare power stones.
  • The material for power stones is mined and, unlike other Spellbinder technologies, the knowledge to make more of them has not been lost.
  • When charged and active, the stones emit a strong, orange glow.