The Prime Oracle is a device used in the Land of the Dragon Lord.
Aktivierung des Maske

The mask is activated by the light.


There is the Prime Oracle only just once and it is hidden in the palace, in a closed room. To reach it is about the throne room or over the outside arrangement of the palace, by a hidden cave entrance. Both entrances lead in ways, finally, to the prime oracle lead. This oracle itself is bigger than the others, and is also built up a little differently:

The prime oracle owns no view window, but is at this point the mask which exercises, nevertheless, a comparable function.
Also on this oracle a gigantic crystal sits enthroned, indeed, he has no function, also he is not filled with light, he is empty, and thus also transparently.
But the prime oracle by a crystal still also wins his energy, indeed, he is right before the oracle and he is white and filled with light. His point can activate the mask.
The oracle itself, and everything what with it is connected, was developed by the first Dragon Lord generally, about 300 years ago. However, he has taken, as Aya in episode 10 says, the secret with in the grave. But he should have learnt at the school where also Mek studies.
There is a specific feature still in this room, because the crystal leads the light not only to the mask, but also in an abyss and also seems to be very dangerous, because this light a destructive effect has destroyed, as in episode 10, Ashka let fall a wax mask of Ayas face, in the light. Is to be seen in this scene how the wax mask resolves.

The Oracle


The prime oracle in the confidential room.

The Oracle is the main county, and is a higher authority than him Dragon Lord, indeed, the Dragon Lord commands the oracle, but without it he is, as well as lost the complete country because everything collapses. Thus it is in Episode 10 passed, as Ashka the interface of the prime oracle has torn, the software did not exist any more. With the breakdown of the oracle functions also break down like the protective warrior, the management of the country and the comfort in the palace.

Functions and Qualities

  • The oracle is the highest authority in the Land of the Dragon Lord, nobody can win against it, this is why the barbarians have also never got to cross the border river.
  • This collects light energy in the crystal at the head of the oracle and wins thus energy.
  • In the window two minicrystals demonstrate a picture with which one can speak to an oracle in considerable distance, moreover, appears, in so far as only the oracle speaks, a green picture, with the symbol of the Dragon Lord see.
  • Offside of the big warrior can let arise see the oracle also by the crystal such a strong flash, so that a statue of stone can be easily destroyed, as well as it Sun Kathy and Ashka in Episode 3 points.
  • In the whole Land of the Dragon Lord there are a lot of oracles, probably many dozens, however, an exact or approximate information can be provided impossibly, because becomes never clear, how big the country is exact, but all together six become in Spellbinder - Land of the Dragon Lord shown, namely one on the field, another one in that school, two in the village Fin, near the lake and in the village middle and other two before the palace and in the throne room of the palace.