The Prototype KX4 (Super Powersuit) is an improved version of the Powersuit.
Super powersuit

Ashka wearing the Super powersuit


The prototype KX4 was built by Ashka and Brian in Paul's world.

The design is based on the old Powersuit designs taken by Ashka from the Spellbinder world, but Brian Reynolds, with the use of computers, has made significant improvements and modifications to both its design and operation.

The new suit can still fire Powerbolts from the hands, and - in addition - it has several new features and abilities. These include:

  • A control keypad and a controller unit on the right sleeve. The controller unit activates various subsystems via key combinations: one combination activates the powerbolt in the user's hand, another one activates the flight mode, etc.,
  • A Flight Control Unit allowing the user to levitate by repelling the Earth's magnetic fields. The user can go higher and lower by pressing the buttons on the right arm,
  • The ability to deflect and repel other powerbolts,
  • The ability to attract or repel metallic and magnetic objects to or from the user.

The KX4 Prototype has other improvements over the original Powersuit. For instance, its circuits have been waterproofed, such that water is no longer an effective weapon against the wearer.

The suit seems to retain many weaknesses of the original design as well. For instance, the magnetic field generated by the conductors is still powerful enough to accelerate metallic objects towards the wearer, hurting them. This particular susceptibility to magnetic (and electromagnetic) fields is what brings about Ashka's defeat.

The new Powersuit is unshielded as well, and wreaks havoc with electrical equipment when activated. The effects, however, seem to be of a somewhat lesser magnitude, when compared to the original design.

The controller unit seems to be modular by design, allowing for swappable extensions (like the FCU) to be installed and enhance its operation.