Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord is the second series of the fantasy teen drama/science fiction television series co-produced between Australia and Poland.  


When 14 year old Australian teenager, Kathy Morgan, discovers a mysterious boat during a family vacation, she decides to investigate - little realising that the boat is actually a trans-dimensional craft which is able to transcend parallel-worlds.

The Land of the Dragon Lord is a world of illusion, romance and danger ruled by a 12 year old boy whose magical powers are generated by a vast and ancient computer.



  1. The Trans-Dimensional Bamboo Boat
  2. Ashka
  3. The Dragon Lord
  4. Oracle
  5. Marooned in a World of Monsters
  6. Attack of the Thirty-Metre Warrior
  7. Josh, the Water Spirit
  8. Sun Becomes a Star
  9. Designation Day
  10. The Oracle is Dead
  11. The Only Child in the World
  12. Girl for Sale
  13. To Live Forever
  14. Barbarians at the Gate
  15. The Best-Laid Plans...
  16. Graveyard of Machines
  17. The Hunter and the Haunting
  18. Stop the Moloch!
  19. Escape from the Palace
  20. Kathy Meets... Herself
  21. The Doublecross
  22. On the Trail
  23. The Two Joshes
  24. Who's Who?
  25. The Disappearing Act
  26. A Wedding Surprise


  • Noel Price
  • Mark Shirrefs
  • John Thomson
  • Ian Davidson
  • Janusz Czech
  • Denis Kiely
  • Danny Batterham
  • Pippa Anderson


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